This category includes all supply that is required such as operations equipment, uniform attire, office equipment and security equipment. IWK's main categories are as follows:

Operations Equipment

  • Jetter,hand tools
  • Electrical Components:
  • Isolator, MCCB, RCCB, relay, switches, control panel.

  • Security Equipment:
  • Gas detector, helmet, safety shoes, life vests.

Operation Supply

  • Officer Equipment:
  • Copiers,fax,telephone.

  • Office Supply:
  • Paper, stationery, files, etc.

  • Computer Supply:
  • Computer, printers, network component.

  • Computer Consumable Supply:
  • Diskette, paper, toners, ribbon.

  • Printing:
  • Namecard, letterhead, envelopes, notices, invoices.


  • Main Equipment:
  • Pumps, aerators, blowers, valves, instrumentation.

  • Selection:
  • Tender is conducted every year in the middle of the year. Suppliers registered with IWK in the above categories will be invited to participate in the tender.

  • Laboratory Equipment and Supply:
  • Chemicals, lab equipment.

  • Selection Criteria:
  • Fulfilled the technical requirement and most competitive price.

  • Chemical Supply:
  • Polymer, enzymes.

Work categories available are as follows:

  • 1. Geotechnical
  • Conduct engineering survey for IWK's project construction site.

  • 2. Design
  • IWK's main project such as plants and pump stations.

  • 3. Engineering survey
  • Measure land site area.

  • 4. Catchment Planning
  • Conduct investigation for IWK's future projects.

  • 5. Skill Trainings
  • Conduct skills training programmes to upgrade level of skills for IWK staff.