Connected Systems

Sewerage System Connected to Sewage Treatment Plant

Connected sewerage service customers have sewage outlets that are directly linked to a sewage treatment plant via an underground network of sewer pipes. IWK is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all public sewage treatment plants. Public sewage treatment plants are plants which have been handed over to the Government (National Water Services Commission) by the Developer.

Premise with connected sewerage service/system has one rectangular metal cover, which is called an inspection chamber and usually located outside the premises compound either at the side, rear or front. In the inspection chamber are sewage outlets from the premises' toilets, bathrooms and kitchen that are connected to the public sewerage pipelines to the public sewage treatment plant. If there is any blockage, the checking and clearing of the blockage will be done via the inspection chamber.

However, in the case of bungalow houses, there are usually more than one inspection chambers depending on the number of toilets and kitchen in the house. If the house has 5 toilets and one kitchen, there will be 6 inspection chambers located outside the premises compound instead of just one inspection chamber. More often than not, owners of bungalow houses tend to think that the inspection chambers are septic tanks. (Septic tanks are usually arranged in series and not located in various places outside the premises' compound)

Another frequent confusion with this type of system is the differentiation between internal or private and public sewerage pipes. Many users are unaware of their ownership and responsibility to repair or replace broken pipes and remove clogged pipes between the inspection chamber and the public sewerage pipes or manhole at their own expense. IWK is mainly responsible for the maintenance of the public sewerage pipes.