FAQ – Domestic Customers

Domestic Customers

IWK Customer
As defined in the Water Services Industry Act 2006, a sewerage customer is a person, firm, corporate body or other legal entity who is the owner or occupier of any premises which is located within the operational areas of a Local Authority and uses connected sewerage system that has been handed over to IWK by the National Water Services Commission or a user of any sewerage system as determined by the National Water Services Commission.
Definition of Domestic Premises
Domestic premises mean any premises built, constructed, adapted or intended to be used exclusively for human habitation.
Definition of Government Quarters
Government quarters mean any premise built, constructed, adapted or intended to be used exclusively for habitation by government servants in the various grades (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H & I) as defined by the Government General Orders (Chapter E).
Premises With Septic Tank Service
Effective March 2018, no monthly bills will be issued to Domestic IST customers. Customers have to pay cash of RM144 during the desludging work, through Payment On Service (POS) method. Warranty period is 30 days after the desludging date. Should there be any request for desludging service within this warranty period, no charges will be imposed. However, should the customer request for desludging service within 24 months after the end of the warranty period, a responsive charge of RM180 will be imposed.

Please contact IWK offices nearest to you, if your premise septic tank needs desludging service.
Identification of Septic Tank
Septic tank is normally located outside the premises under the ground at the side, rear or in front of the premise and is covered with 2 - 4 metal lids. Occupier (owner/tenant) of the premises is responsible for the maintenance of the septic tank. IWK is only responsible for desludging the septic tank.
Mandatory Desludging Service
Customer (occupiers/owners) who refuses IWK's scheduled desludging service of their premise's septic tank, shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine as stipulated in the Water Services Industry Act 2006.
Connected Service
Premises that are connected to the public sewage treatment plant will be billed RM48.00 once every six months or RM8.00 per month. Your premise has a connected service, if you see one rectangular metal lid/cover, which is an inspection chamber, outside the premises either at the side, rear or in front. The entire area of your premises has connected service if you see manholes along the road connecting the premises to a public sewage treatment plant. In the manholes are sewerage pipelines, which also serves as a checkpoint to identify sewerage problems and clearing of any blockage. It is an offence to open the public manhole without proper authorisation from IWK or National Water Services Commission or related government ministry.

You will not see IWK staff visiting your premises regularly as our work is mainly at the sewage treatment plant and maintenance of the public sewer pipelines along the public road. We will be at your service in person if there is back flow of sewage into your premises or overflowing manhole due to blockage along the public sewer pipes.
Rubbish/Solid Waste
Throwing or flushing rubbish (sanitary napkins, diapers, refuse or solid waste) into the toilet and/or septic tank/inspection chamber will clog your internal and public passage of the sewer pipelines. This will cause the wastewater to back flow into the toilet, kitchen and bathrooms. To prevent this from occurring, please refrain from throwing / flushing solid wastes (especially sanitary napkins and diapers) into the toilet, septic tank or inspection chamber.
Responsive Service
In the inspection chamber are sewage outlets linking the premise sewer pipelines to the public sewer pipelines and is mainly used for checking and clearing of any blockage. For clearing of blockages along the public sewer pipes, customers do not have to pay for the service, as it is the responsibility of IWK to maintain it.

However, for clearing of blockages along the private (internal) sewer pipelines, which is the sewer pipelines from the premises linking to the public sewer pipelines, customer has to pay RM180.00 for each service. This service is on a 'cash-on-delivery' basis. Please insist on payment receipt upon making payment. In the event, if the internal sewer pipelines are damaged, the occupier (owner/tenant) will have to engage a private contractor, at his or her own expenses, to replace the damaged internal sewer pipelines. IWK will provide the contact numbers of private contractors on request.
Vacant Premise
A premise, which has been vacant for a minimum period of 6 months, is eligible for a waiver of the sewerage charges. However, customer has to provide the Water Statement of Account showing up to 3m³ water usage during the vacant period or provide the deposit payment/last payment receipt on the termination/installation of water supply from Water Operator.

Alternatively, the Statement of Account or documents from Tenaga Nasional Berhad showing nil usage or no power supply during the vacant period is also acceptable. The documentary evidence is to be submitted to IWK periodically throughout the vacant duration.
Low - Cost Premises
Premises declared low-cost by the Local Authority will be billed RM12.00 once every 6 months or RM2.00 per month. Please send us a photocopy of the Assessment Bill and/or letter from the Local Authority for our further action.
Sewerage Bill Payment
Cash payment only can be made at all Pos Malaysia computerised offices and Bank Simpanan Nasional.

Cash or cheque payments can be made at Maybank, Mayban Finance, Public Bank & Finance, Arab-Malaysian Bank & Finance, IWK offices, IWK Head Office at No 44, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur or IWK pre-paid postage envelope which is enclosed with the Sewerage Bill.

On-line payments can be made through "MBf Click or Call & Pay" for Mastercard holders only and "Maybank2U.com.my" for Maybank Account holders only.
Change of Ownership
Photocopies of the 1st, 2nd and last two pages from the 'Sales & Purchase Agreement' with the names of the purchaser/seller, property address, date of agreement and signatories of all parties concerned are to be submitted to IWK for any change of ownership. This is to ensure that ownership details are accurately registered in the premise sewerage account.
Owner/Tenant Liability
The occupier i.e. owner or tenant of any premises to which sewerage services has been provided by IWK shall be liable to pay the sewerage charges.

However, if the occupier or tenant of the premises failed to fulfill this obligation, the owner is jointly liable to pay the sewerage charges, as stipulated in the Sewerage Services Act, Regulations of Charges 11, "the owner and occupier of a premises to which sewerage services has been provided by IWK under these Regulations shall be jointly and severally be liable to pay the sewerage charges, provided the owner of the premise shall, in the absence of any agreement to the contrary, be entitled to recover from the occupier (tenant) of the said premises any such charges paid by the owner/landlord at the time of occupation by the occupier (tenant)"