Application Guideline

Contractors Application Guideline

Major Capital Works

Sewage Treatment Plants, Sewerage Network & Pump Stations, Specialist Services.

Sewage Treatment Plants: Construction of new sewage treatment plants, upgrading of existing sewage treatment plants, construction of centralised sludge treatment facilities, major pumping stations.

Sewerage Network & Pump Stations: Construction of trunk sewers, manholes, laterals, intermediate pumps stations, force mains, relocation & diversion of existing sewers.

Specialist Services: Micro Tunneling, pipe jacking.

Mechanical & Electrical Works (M & E)

Refurbishment: Power supply, panels, lighting, wiring & earthing lightning protection

Mechanical: Penstocks, screen & grit removal, flow recorders clarifiers & scrapers, piping & valves, pumps&controls, process equipment, media

Operations M&E: Repair pumps, minor equipment & electrical control panel